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Homecare recruitment video transcript

Considering a new career in the support at home service?

Lewis: 'Before working in care, I worked for four years in retail, built my CV up to Assistant Store Manager before being made redundant and then fancied a change in career path.'

Nigel: 'I was a skilled labourer/handyman for a large construction company.'

Karen: 'To start off I was a machinist, met my husband, got married, had three children, and then my cousin was a ‘home help’ in those days and she needed help in the village, hence home care, for the last 28 years.'

Nigel: 'I decided to come into the caring profession because my wife has been doing it for almost 30 years, and she always told me I’d be good at it.
It’s something I wanted to do but didn’t think I could do it. One day I’d seen it advertised. I went for it and haven’t looked back since.'

Lewis: 'A family member, very close to me became very ill, we were direct carers for her, unpaid and then obviously I grew a passion then to help others out so I done it as a paid role.'

Nigel: 'I had some experience, I’d done some caring for my late mother and part-time care for my brother, apart from that I’d never been in a job related to care.'

Karen: 'I used to help look after an old gentleman, so I did have a little bit of knowledge on what we were doing back then, but you get training on the job.'

Nigel: 'When I first started I was offered training and I've done quite a bit of training over the last 18 months of employment.'

Lewis: 'Got first aid training, manual handling, stoma catheter care, dementia training, extra care scheme and stuff like that, working in homes and in independent settings.
There's so much training you can have and its ongoing.'

Nigel: 'So yeah, the training is there and available…'

Lewis: 'There’s amazing support from your work colleagues as well as management then, who help you go on to bigger and better things.'

Nigel: 'The type of personality I believe you need … you need to get on with people and show them the person you are as well.'

Karen: 'You’ve got to be honest, you’ve got to be trustworthy, you’ve got to treat people the way you want to be treated yourself and got to be pleasant and polite'

Lewis: 'Easy going, very forward, good communicator, caring, it comes naturally to most people, if you've got it go ahead and utilise it.'

Nigel: 'What is find most rewarding is seeing the individual living independently in their own homes, at the end of the day. I get that smile.' 

Karen: 'I love the care aspect of the role, I love looking after people. I love… making sure that they’re okay, they’re happy.'

Lewis: 'What I love doing in this role is putting a smile on people’s faces, making a difference to their daily lives.'

Nigel: 'My advice to anybody who’d like to go into home care, like myself, give it a go, you’ll definitely find it rewarding.'

Karen: 'I wouldn’t have swapped this role for anything over the last 28 years.  I’ve loved it, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried….'

Nigel: 'I’ve been in it 18 months almost and I love it. It’s a pleasure to come into work.'

Lewis: 'If you’ve got any thoughts of working in social care, I would say go for it, its the best thing I’ve ever done, you will never look back.'

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