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Employment and the economy

Employment and the economy documents
Document Number Document Title Published by Date
EE1 TAN 3: Simplified Planning Zones Welsh Office 1996
EE2 Wales: A Vibrant Economy WAG 2005
EE3 Bridgend County Borough: A Smart Future - Sustainable Economic Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan Bridgend CBC / BEP 2005
EE4 Sustainable Economic Regeneration Strategy and Action Plan: Annual Review July 2006 Bridgend CBC / BEP 2006
EE5 M4 Corridor Study: Development Opportunities 1995 SCRPSW 1995
EE6 Bridgend: a comparative assessment of major potential employment sites in the borough WTGL / WDA / Bridgend CBC 2001
EE7 Bridgend Employment Land Review Robert Chapman Associates 2006
EE8 Employment Land Availability Survey 1997+ Bridgend CBC 1997+
EE9 Further Analysis of SEWEF Land Survey Data Harmers/SEWEF 2007
EE10 Employment Land Review Bridgend CBC 2010

TAN = Technical Advice Note

BEP = Bridgend Economic Partnership

CBC = County Borough Council

SCRPSW = Standing Conference on Regional Policy in South Wales

SEWEF=South East Wales Economic Forum

WTGL = Wyn Thomas Gordon Lewis

WDA = Welsh Development Agency

WAG = Welsh Assembly Government

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