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Memorial benches and plaques

If you have lost a loved one, you may wish to get a memorial such as a bench or tree. Memorials can provide a focus for personal memories and a place to visit and reflect on happy times.

There are also options for memorials at Coychurch Crematorium.


Memorial bench plaque

Benches can be situated at Bryngarw Country Park, Kenfig National Nature reserve, cemeteries, parks or conservation areas. The bench used will be specific to the particular location.

You will be able to choose from a small range of plaque designs. Please be aware that we may alter or refuse an unsuitable inscription.

There is a mix of benches provided that have space for either a single plaque dedication or up to three individual plaques. Please note that within the highway and coastal areas of Porthcawl only a single plaque dedication will be permitted. Each application is limited to one plaque.

Because we need to balance the needs of all visitors, we need to carefully choose where each bench is placed. Unfortunately, we can’t install new benches in every area or areas where there is already a lot of seating.

If we need to relocate a bench for any reason, we will tell you where it has moved to.

The bench plaques will be dedicated for 10 years. After 10 years, we will contact you to let you know whether the plaque will need to be removed or offer an extension. An extension may involve a charge, so that we can continue to look after the bench and renew the plaque if we need to.

You will be able to collect the plaque if it is removed. If we don’t hear back from you the plaque will be removed and kept for 12 months. Please make sure you tell us about any changes of address so that we can contact you.

Once the plaque has been attached to the bench, it becomes the property of Bridgend County Borough Council, and we will take responsibility for any maintenance. Please don’t undertake any maintenance yourself or ask anyone else to.

Please don’t scatter ashes or place flowers or other expressions of remembrance on or around memorial benches, as this can prevent people from using the benches and make the area look untidy.


Memorial tree

A dedicated memorial tree planting scheme is in operation within Bryngarw Country Park and in some of our cemeteries.

In order to keep the area looking attractive, the species of the tree and its position within the park or cemetery will be decided by us. Please don’t place flowers or other expressions of remembrance on or near the memorial tree.

The council may need to place a guard around the tree to protect it from damage, however we cannot be held responsible for any vandalism.

While a memorial plaque is placed by the tree in some cemeteries, this may be different in other areas. For example, at Bryngarw Country Park an entry will be made in the ‘Bryngarw Country Park Commemorative Tree Book’ which is kept by Bryngarw House.



  • Memorial plaque on single bench: £2178.95 +VAT
  • Memorial plaque on shared bench: £726.30 +VAT
  • Memorial tree: £435.80 +VAT



We will contact you to discuss your request. If it is accepted, you will need to supply a suitable plaque inscription. We will not be able to process your application until the full charge is paid. Delivery and installation can take up to 12 weeks after we receive your request.

There may be times when the scheme is fully subscribed and it may be temporarily unavailable. We will tell you if your request has been successful.

Acceptance of the application does not give you any property rights or privileges.

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