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Schools across the county borough do it again!

An abundance of successes is attributed to our Bridgend schools yet again, with highlights ranging from Welsh language awards to shining examples of mathematical practice!

Many of the schools’ achievements are linked with the Siarter Iaith Cymraeg Campus – this provides schools with a framework to promote the Welsh language and a Welsh ethos across all areas of the school.  Schools are able to achieve either bronze, silver or gold awards for their efforts in following the framework.

Collaborating with other English-medium primary schools from across five local authorities, Afon-y-Felin Primary School is part of the Siarter Iaith Cymraeg Campus Working Party - a group producing quality resources to support other schools with the Siarter Iaith Cymraeg Campus Gold Award.

Garth Primary School, as well as Ffaldau Primary School, were both awarded support from the Dragon’s Den, following the schools’ efforts in developing a Welsh project for the popular Siarter Iaith Dragon’s Den.  Bryncethin Primary School, together with Corneli Primary School have both recently achieved their Siarter Iaith Cymraeg Campus Gold and Bronze Awards, respectively.

 Pencoed Primary School and Pencoed Comprehensive School have been championing Spanish, with both schools benefitting from an ongoing collaboration in building a 3 to 16 years continuum for Spanish - which also includes planned visits for the Year 9 Ambassadors to the Year 5 cohort at Pencoed Primary School every Tuesday.

Corneli Primary School’s success continues with its partnership with Bridgend Lifesavers Credit Union.   Following a successful savings club from 2015 to 2016, the school recently relaunched the Corneli Primary School Savings Scheme, encouraging the children to play an active role in the initiative, teaching them about the importance of saving.  With now over 140 members, including staff, Corneli Primary School has won a Credit Unions of Wales award for a video entry linked to its project, as well as been nominated for a Credit Unions of Wales School Partnership. 

The school has been highlighted for developing the financial literacy of its pupils and wider community through the savings scheme.   The school case study is available on the Bridgend School Savings website, Bridgend School Savings- Corneli school case study.

Plasnewydd Primary School pupils in Maesteg have also been acknowledged for their example in mathematics, with combining creativity, literacy and numeracy skills this term by competing in the ‘Maths through stories’ worldwide competition.

Caerau Primary School has recently transformed a derelict area of its grounds through embracing the new curriculum, with its focus on the outside environment and group work.  This new way of working has encouraged the pupils to take ownership of the land and to create the Caerau Nature Reserve – complete with its own wildlife pond. It has become an invaluable asset to the school, where the children can explore and investigate the opportunities of the natural world.

The life of Dr Richard Price, the famous philosopher, reformer and mathematician, born in 1723 in Llangeinor, has inspired a pupil-centred project undertaken by learners at Tynyrheol Primary School.  Learners have collaborated with the wider community, as well as scholars from across the world, to investigate Dr Price’s life and legacy. Some of the pupils’ favourite work has included creating 360° videos, canvas oil paintings of Dr Price, and investigating how his ideas changed the world.  The children and their work featured prominently in the Historical Society’s Exhibition in the Richard Price Centre and the Pierhead Building in Cardiff Bay.

I am extremely proud of what schools have achieved and continue to accomplish. This fantastic work can only happen thanks to our committed staff, and of course, our eager learners.

The accomplishments of these children have developed skills, as well as an attitude for learning, that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

A huge thank you to all those who are shaping our young people’s lives for the better!

Councillor Jon Paul Blundell, Cabinet Member for Education

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