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Street signs, names and numbers

Bridgend County Borough Council controls the naming and numbering of the county borough’s streets.

As well as creating addresses for new properties, the council oversees changes to street and property names, ensuring logical naming and numbering for:

  • quickly locating addresses for emergency vehicles
  • correctly delivering mail
  • consistent address management to help statutory bodies.

We allocate postal addresses for new builds, conversions or house name changes within the county borough. An address can only be created and given a postcode by Royal Mail once it has been officially named and numbered by us.

Occasionally, properties are registered with the wrong postcode and we can investigate and liaise with Royal Mail in an effort to resolve any problems

New developments are known to cause issues. Problems may arise from converting a building into several properties or not registering a new development properly. To solve these issues, the usual steps for naming and numbering are made retrospectively.

Problems with your address

You can report problems with your address to the Street Naming and Numbering team:

Telephone: 01656 643643

Report defective/missing street name sign

Please report defects or a missing street name sign by completing our online form:

Re-naming properties

A legal change to a property’s name or number will only be considered if a formal application is submitted. You should either own the property or have permission from your landlord before applying.

You must also apply directly to the Land Registry to request an update to the Land Register for a house name change, and there may be an additional fee payable to the Land Registry. 

Best practice guidelines note that if a request:

  • gives an address a name, it may be actioned as long as it doesn’t conflict with addresses at the street/location
  • replaces a premise’s number with just a name, it will be declined

New developments

For any new build or converting a building into several units, developers must make an application to our Street Naming and Numbering Officer. There is a charge for this service.

In the process, we will create a numbering schedule so Royal Mail can assign the right postcodes.

The process of naming and numbering streets or buildings

  1. The council must consult with the relevant town or community councils, Royal Mail and Bridgend County Borough Council councillors. This process can take 12 weeks and it is the developer’s responsibility to allow sufficient time for the consultation.
  2. The street name is agreed.
  3. 50% of properties must be under construction before a numbering schedule is made. This avoids the need for re-numbering due to variations in construction phases.
  4. Royal Mail are issued with a numbering schedule so they can give postcodes to properties, which is sent to the developer and homeowners.
  5. The developer must fit the initial street name sign. Specifications will be provided.

Criteria for naming streets or buildings

Developers can suggest names for new streets or buildings. These will be considered during the consultation, but any new name must relate to a site’s history, geography and natural features. Also, we will promote usage of Welsh street names whenever possible.

Charges for street naming and numbering services

Service Charge
Change of house name/New house name £42.85 
Confirmation of postal address (solicitors and conveyances only) £42.85 
Naming and numbering developments (up to five plots) £205.15 
Naming and numbering developments (more than five plots) £426.95 

No action will be taken until full payment is received.

Any developer who revises the housing layout after a numbering schedule is produced will be charged for an amended schedule, as detailed above.


Street Naming and Numbering
Telephone: 01656 643643
Address: Business Support Communities, Bridgend County Borough Council, Civic Offices, Angel Street, Bridgend, CF31 4WB.

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