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Porthcawl Marina

The Marina operates 3 hours either side of high water between 0700-2200.

If you would like to access or exit the Marina outside of these hours then please contact the Harbour Master 48hours in advance.

The Marina operatives can be contacted on VHF channel 80 and via phone on 01656 815715 or 07580 947347.

If you require assistance onto your berth then please contact the Marina Operatives and allow them enough time to make their way to your berth.

Berth Holders are asked to notify the Marina Office of their general sailing plans whenever possible. This is useful in case of emergency and allows the Marina Operatives to maximise the use of space around the Marina for visitors.

Visitors must report to the Marina Office via VHF radio. The marina operative on duty will then allocate a suitable berth for the duration of their stay. Once on the berth, visitors can collect an access fob and electricity from the marina operative.

Access to the marina is controlled by a single hydraulic gate which is operated by the marina operatives and the Harbour Master from the quay side.

Visitor rate 2019/2020 = £2.03 per meter/night.

To access the marina:

1. Contact the Marina Office via VHF radio (Channel 80).

2. Approach marina entrance with caution and wait for permission from marina operatives.

Red light: No access.

Green light: Proceed only on instruction from operative staff.

The lock gate cill is at 3.45m chart datum but the access to the marina is 4.95m chart datum. This is so we can retain enough water to accommodate vessels with a deeper keel.

Access to the marina is via a personalised code or electronic fob which allows access to the pontoons and toilet and shower facilities. In the interest of security please do not pass on codes given out by Marina Operative staff. Although Porthcawl Marina has a good security record, berth holders should take sensible precautions to guard themselves against theft. Please report any suspicious activity to a member of staff.

Access to these facilities is restricted to berth holders, their guests and visitors to the marina. They are available at all times, except during daily cleaning periods.

Please do not use your vessel’s marine toilet whilst berthed in the marina if it discharges straight into the water.

Car parking is available alongside the harbour for 20 minutes to allow enough time to unload equipment and take it to your boat. Longer stay parking is available across the road. If you have any queries, please contact a member of staff.

Trolleys are available on site for berth holders’ use. They are located at the top of the bridge head and require a £1 coin for use.

A waste bin is located at the top of the bridgehead. Please make sure the bin is kept in a clean and tidy condition for other users. Please remove any gas bottles, batteries and oil from the site and dispose of them correctly.

The marina offers a chemical toilet disposal facility located alongside the kiosk which is accessed with an electronic fob. We do not have a pump out facility, but the closest one is in Cardiff Bay. Please speak to staff for further information.

240volt/16amp electricity is available at a vast majority of berths on site. Electricity supply on all bollards is done via a prepaid card system. Cards can be collected from the office for £5 deposit and credit can then be added in £5 multiples.

Water is accessible to most berths within the marina. If you cannot reach a water supply, please contact marina staff and they will try to relocate you temporarily to gain access to a water supply.

The marina listens on channel 80 using the call sign ‘Porthcawl Marina’. Vessels manoeuvring within the marina should maintain listening on ch80 when on the berth. Please call the Marina Office before leaving your berth.

The public slipway is available for use for people wanting to launch via trailer. Proof of insurance covering them for £3 million indemnity must be produced at the marina office prior to launching and a fee paid. The fee is £8.98 per launch or £140.39 per year.

Vessels looking to fuel up inside of the harbour must be prepared for a spillage and must ensure no fuel enters the water. A suitable fuel pump is advised such as a hand syphon or similar method of transferring fuel safely. It is the berth holder’s responsibility to ensure nobody is smoking and there are no other sources of ignition nearby.

Berth holders can carry out minor repairs to their vessels whilst berthed on the pontoon. However, no ‘hotwork’, for example welding or grinding is to be undertaken whilst in the marina.

Contractors are welcome to carry out work on berth holders vessels provided they have comprehensive liability insurance of at least £3million. Berth holders should be aware that in the event of an injury or damage caused to marina property, the berth holder’s insurance will be deemed liable. All contractors must inform and get permission from marina staff before entering the pontoons.


Telephone: 01656 815715
Address: Marina Office, The Harbour, Porthcawl, CF36 3BY.

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