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School governors

School governors play a key role in leading, supporting and improving schools. They are impartial and make decisions that seek to improve the school. By doing so, they make a difference to children’s lives and their prospects for the future.

The main school governor categories are:

  • Community governors - are appointed by the school’s governing body to represent the community.  Ideally, they should live or work in the community served by the school.

  • Parent governors - are parents of children who attend the school.  They are voted on to the school’s governing body by other parents whose children attend the school.

  • Local authority governors - are appointed by the local authority. 

  • Teacher and staff governors - are elected to the governing body by the relevant staff within the school.

There are other school governor categories depending on the type and constitution of a school. The number of governors of each category can vary depending on the type of school and the maximum number of pupils that the school can accommodate.


Become a school governor

You do not need any particular qualifications to become a school governor as you will benefit from free training, but you do need to be aged 18 or over and you will need to have:

  • an interest in our children’s future
  • the desire to make a difference
  • time and energy
  • a readiness to accept responsibility
  • the commitment to work in a team
  • the enthusiasm to ask questions, listen and learn
  • the motivation to help shape the future of education within Bridgend County Borough.

Once appointed, a school governor’s term of office lasts for four years. You would be expected to attend three governing body meetings per school year, one in each term, and committee meetings, where relevant.

Apply to become a parent governor

If you are interested in becoming a community governor, please contact the school directly - School contact details.

Apply to become a community governor

If you are interested in becoming a community governor, please download an application form and return to the school that you are interested in becoming a governor at - School contact details.

Apply to become a local authority governor

If you are interested in becoming a local authority governor, please download an application form and return to:

Vacancies are time-limited and, therefore, any applications must be received by the local authority by the dates shown.

Governor training

Governor training is provided free of charge.  The training helps to improve your knowledge and skills, and will allow you to participate effectively in governing body meetings.

New governors must attend two mandatory training courses. One of these is an induction course that covers the main responsibilities of a governor. The other is on understanding the data used in schools and how this will help you support the school.

Training is also available on a range of other relevant topics.

Governing body meetings

At each meeting, governors consider, discuss and make decisions on a range of subjects, for example:

  • the performance of pupils and the school overall;
  • school inspection reports;
  • budgets;
  • recruitment of staff;
  • disciplinary issues; and
  • general maintenance of school buildings and grounds.

Many issues are dealt with via committees of the governing body, which are then considered for approval by the full governing body.

Each governing body has a clerk, who arranges meetings and takes the minutes.


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