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School budget forum

The Bridgend School Budget Forum was established in December 2003, in line with the ‘Schools Forums (Wales) Regulations 2003’.

The forum is made up of school representatives and non-school representatives. The school representatives include:

  • head teachers
  • governors

The non-school representatives include:

  • local authority officers
  • trade union representatives
  • councillors

The total number of non-school representatives must not exceed 25% of the total membership of the forum.

The Bridgend School Budget Forum meets at least three times a year or once a term. They usually meet in line with the timetable for setting the council’s budget and the Medium Term Financial Strategy.

The forum considers and comments on consultations regarding:

  • proposed changes to the schools’ funding formula and their financial effect
  • proposed contract terms for supplies or services to schools
  • arrangements for educating pupils with statements of special educational need
  • arrangements for the use of pupil referral units and educating children not at school
  • arrangements for early years education
  • arrangements for insurance
  • prospective changes to the financing of schools scheme
  • administrative arrangements for the allocation of central government grants
  • arrangements for free school meals


Hannah Castle

Chair of School Budget Forum
Telephone: 01656 740294
Address: Cynffig Comprehensive School,

Jonathan Lewis

Vice-Chair of School Budget Forum
Telephone: 01656 754990
Address: Coety Primary School,

Judith Tutssel

Secretary of School Budget Forum
Telephone: 01656 642630

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