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The childcare offer provides 30 hours a week of funded childcare and early education for up to 48 weeks of the year.  It can be accessed by eligible working parents, and eligible parents who are in education or training of three and four-year-olds. 

The offer is available from the term after a child’s third birthday until the September following their fourth birthday.  Parents are no longer eligible for the offer during term time when their child is eligible for a full-time school place.  However, they can continue to access nine weeks of childcare during holidays.

In Bridgend County Borough, full-time nursery education is offered at three. 

Childcare providers do not need to deliver both the early education and childcare elements of the offer. Some children will continue to access early education in maintained settings

Any provider wishing to deliver the Childcare Offer for Wales from January 2023 will be required to register on the National Digital Service.

  • Identify one lead person to register your setting
  • Find your CIW registration number and SIN number. These can be found in any correspondence from CIW or by logging in to your CIW online account
  • Have the registered postcode and bank details of your setting(s) to hand.

Childcare providers will receive £5.00 per child per hour.  If you normally charge more than this, you cannot ask parents to pay a top-up rate.

You can charge for food, transport and off-site activities which incur a cost.

The Welsh Government guidelines are that parents should not be charged more than £9.00 per day for food.  This would include three meals at £2.50 per meal and two snacks at a charge of 75p per snack.

The Welsh Government guidelines are that for a half-day session parents should not be charged more than £5.75.  This figure would include two meals at £2.50 per meal and one snack at a charge of 75p per snack.

For sessional care where a meal is not provided but children receive a snack, guidelines are that parents should not be charged more than 75p per day for snack provision.

National Helpline: 03000 628628

For further information about the Childcare Offer for Wales’ new digital service, please visit or contact your local Childcare Offer Team at:

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