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Uplifting graffiti project inspires the community!

Recent art work colours the subways at Brackla and Merthyr Mawr Road, in a bid to inspire and uplift the local community.

Part of the Cohesion Positive Messages Campaign, the aim of the project is to replace hateful and divisive aerosol art with uplifting, welcoming and positive expressions that reflect the true warmth of the community.

The Positive Messages Campaign uses outlets to strengthen the sense of community identity. By replacing hateful symbols and messages with messages of hope, support and positivity, we are truly reflecting the people of Bridgend County Borough

Lara Rowlands, Regional Community Cohesion Officer

‘Hope’ is the theme that has been chosen by Bridgend Writers’ Circle for the subway at Merthyr Mawr Road.  Artists from Another Day Another Spray and THEW Creative have used their artistic talents to create incredible imagery at the site, as well as at the Brackla subway.

What a sight to behold! The images have a direct impact on residents, transforming the potentially barren environment into one which is vibrant, energising and inviting!

This is such an inspirational and valuable project, which is the result of the close collaboration of the Western Bay Community Cohesion Team and Bridgend Community Safety Partnership Team.

The art which now defines those surroundings is transformative - generating hope and positivity amongst the community.

Anti-graffiti paint will be coated onto all of the street art projects, ensuring that our strong, positive community ethos will not be stamped out.

Well done to all those involved – you should be very proud of what you have collectively accomplished!

Councillor Neelo Farr, Cabinet Member for Regeneration

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