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Success for Bridgend Community Safety Partnership at Wales Safer Communities Awards

The Bridgend Community Safety Partnership has been recognised for its work in reducing the amount of anti-social behaviour at the Bowls Hall car park in Bridgend.  

The partnership was victorious in the anti-social behaviour category at the inaugural Wales Safer Communities Awards which is testament to the work of all partners involved.

The Council’s Community Safety, Parking, CCSU/CCTV and Youth Support teams have been working alongside South Wales Police to reduce the amount of anti-social behaviour at the car park by implementing new measures such as:  

  • Improved lighting
  • Leaflet drops to encourage reporting of anti-social behaviour
  • Permanent CCTV has been installed within the car park
  • Street art being painted on the walls to generate feelings of safety while making the area more vibrant
  • Additional flow plates installed on the exit to prevent vehicles accessing the car park after the entrance is closed
  • The area is now also used for fitness workshops and to host activities for young people
  • The Detached Youth Work team have been engaging with young people, offering support to divert them away from anti-social behaviour

Members of the partnership include Bridgend County Borough Council, South Wales Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board, National Probation Service, BAVO, the Cwm Taf Morgannwg Safeguarding Board, Department of Work and Pensions and registered social landlords.

This is excellent news and demonstrates that partnership working is essential to creating a strong sense of safety within our local communities.

We have received great feedback about lots of the new measures and I know that many residents are delighted with the new street art across our county borough. Safety is paramount so it’s fantastic for the partnership to be recognised for its rewarding and crucial work.

Cllr Neelo Farr, Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Wellbeing

Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Gareth Newman added: “I would like to reinforce the collective responsibility that we all have in tackling anti-social behaviour (ASB). It’s about police and partners working together to help people whose lives are being adversely affected by anti-social behaviour.

“Anti-social behaviour can have a devastating impact on victims and communities and can threaten basic aspects of everyday life.  Nobody should feel frightened, threatened, or unsafe in their own community and prevention is absolutely key in ensuring those who engage in anti-social behaviours do not continue down a path of causing further anguish or suffering within our communities.

“What is important to highlight is that anti-social behaviour is not a policing issue; it is a partnership issue. The reduction in ASB in the Bowls Hall car park in Bridgend is a prime example, where by working together we have been able to have a positive impact, improving the local environment and quality of life of residents.  However, the work is not complete, and we will continue our efforts with our partners to tackle ASB at this and other locations across Bridgend County Borough.”

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