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New recruitment drive for social workers focuses on work-life balance

A new recruitment drive for Social Workers has been launched today (9 January) by Bridgend County Borough Council.

Focusing on the real benefits of both living and working in Bridgend County Borough, the ‘We put the care into your career’ campaign highlights the support that is on offer to social work staff in the local authority to help maintain a healthy work-life balance.

In a series of video segments, members of staff, including those who have relocated to the area, outline their positive experiences of working in local authority social services sector, and the opportunities that have been made available to them to help balance both their personal, and professional lives.

Marissa, who relocated to the area from London said: “What attracted me to Bridgend, was the fact that I would get to be near the coast, and there was flexibility in my role. I could still enjoy working partly at home, and partly in the office. The hybrid model of working has really appealed to me. Now my work-life balance is so much better, as someone who wasn’t very good at separating out work from life, I now have opportunities that weren’t afforded to me in London."

“It is much easier for me to put the pen down, shut the laptop, get the dogs, and walk down to the beach. The smile that comes on my face with just being able to go out and be on a coastal trail is just lovely. I go open water swimming at least four or five times a week now, so I can go for a dip first thing in the morning, before work.”

Joe, who has previously worked for several local authorities said: “The access to resources is phenomenal, I find it makes my job easier. I have been really, really impressed, and it’s exceeded my expectations. One of the best things for the team I’m in is I am able to do school runs, I am able to juggle my diary and I’ll do real life commitments, for myself, so I really feel that Bridgend care for their social workers."

“Bridgend is a fantastic place to live, and as I said, career wise working in Bridgend is the best decision I ever made. If you’re serious about having a career, you really should consider Bridgend.”

While local resident Alex, who works as a Children’s Social Worker for the authority said: “I count myself very fortunate to have secured a role doing a job that I love in my hometown in Bridgend. The team that I work with all support each other, we rely on each other, we’re just one big happy family.”

“Bridgend is a fantastic place to work and live to anybody who is thinking of relocating here, and taking a post in Bridgend County Borough Council, I would fully encourage that … I wouldn’t think twice.”

While the campaign focuses on the importance of maintaining a work / life balance, it also promotes living in Bridgend County Borough with the hope of attracting social work staff to relocate to the area, amidst a backdrop of a nationwide shortage of staff within the sector.

There are endless opportunities for those who choose to work as a social worker for Bridgend County Borough Council, particularly for those who may be struggling post-pandemic with maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The image of a social worker’s role has long been associated with negative misconceptions of heavy caseloads and exceptionally long hours. We are looking to challenge this image in Bridgend, by offering full support, with ongoing training and development opportunities, career progression and full flexibility in your role.

We are lucky to live in a such a beautiful area, with impressive scenery from coast to valley right on our doorstep. We have fantastic schools and communities, and we’re in a great location on the M4 corridor with excellent transport links.

We would encourage anyone who is looking to relocate to apply on our website.

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Social Services and Early Help, Councillor Jane Gebbie

You can find out more about the benefits of living and working in Bridgend County Borough on the council’s jobs pages. A list of current social work vacancies can be found on the social work recruitment webpages, you can also view the videos from our social work staff on our YouTube channel.

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