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Healthy hedgehogs are set to be released at local nature reserves

Working in partnership with Glamorgan Hedgehog Rescue, Bridgend County Borough Council is in the process of identifying suitable local nature reserves where hedgehogs can be released safely.

The nature reserves are being assessed according to the quality, variety, size and safety of the habitats that they offer.  Before any hedgehogs are released at any of the given sites, they will be deemed as free of disease, fit and healthy.  They will also have been originally rescued from the area surrounding the reserve.

This partnership between the council and the Glamorgan Hedgehog Rescue, forms part of the Cwm Taf Nature Network (CTNN) Project.

This initiative is funded by Welsh Government as part of the ENRaW scheme – ‘Enabling Natural Resources & Wellbeing’, which covers the Cwm Taf Health Board region.

One of the prime aims of the CTNN is to develop, regenerate and increase accessibility to 20 green space sites across this region.

Frog Pond Wood Nature Reserve has already been assessed and is considered suitable as a hedgehog release site.

With the help of CTNN funding, an early learning project is already underway here - a local nursery is involved with a project to develop knowledge and understanding of hedgehogs.

We hope that this work will continue to widen its educational benefits, particularly in raising awareness of hedgehog conservation and advising people what to do if they encounter a hedgehog.

Councillor John Spanswick, Cabinet Member for Communities

Visit our website for further information on the Cwm Taf Nature Network.

To find out more about protecting hedgehogs, visit Glamorgan Hedgehog Rescue

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