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Estyn inspection success for Afon y Felin Primary School

Afon y Felin Primary School has been deemed successful in supporting its learners to make progress by Estyn inspectors.

Following a two-year exemption from Estyn inspections at schools across Wales due to the pandemic, the primary school was visited by Estyn in June 2022 under new inspection arrangements.

During the two-year break from schools, Estyn developed its inspection procedures to support the renewal and reform in Welsh education.

New inspection reports highlight how well education providers are assisting a child to learn, rather than using the summative gradings used previously.

The current Estyn reporting format considers the following categories to judge a school:

  • No follow up
  • Estyn review
  • Significant improvement required
  • Special measures required

According to Estyn inspectors, Afon y Felin Primary School is making sufficient progress and no follow-up action is needed at the school.

Recommendations for the school to continue to develop include strengthening self-evaluation processes in relation to teaching and learning, as well as using assessment and feedback methods effectively to support pupils’ progress.

The local authority, along with Central South Consortium, will fully support schools in addressing any suggested recommendations offered by the Estyn inspectors.

We are extremely proud of Afon y Felin Primary School! The efforts of the teaching staff and pupils have not gone unnoticed and the progress that they are making has been highlighted in the inspection report.

Well done all! Keep up the great work!

Councilor Jon-Paul Blundell, the Cabinet Member for Education

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