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CAT Policy and Processes

Our Community Asset Transfer (CAT) policy and associated processes are based on key principles of community need, support of the Council’s wider aims and objectives, the need to ensure transparency and sustainability of any proposals. 

The process has three stages – expression of interest, full business plan (or 5-year financial forecast for applications that can be subject to “fast tracking” and decision. The guidance sets out the types of assets considered suitable for CAT.


Summary of CAT Process

There are two processes available for applications – standard and fast-track.  The method required will depend on the scale and complexity of the transfer.





Pre-application discussion with CAT Officer, Guy Smith

Pre-application discussion with CAT Officer


Formal Expression of Interest to CAT Officer, Guy Smith

Formal Expression of Interest to CAT Officer

Expression of Interest Form


Business Diagnostic & Business Plan

Business Diagnostic & Financial Projections


Full Assessment of CAT Proposal & Business Plan

Assessment of Proposal & Financial Projections


Property transaction approval and completion of agreement

Property transaction approval and completion of agreement

Express an interest

Before submitting an application applicants are encouraged to discuss their options, suitability and the scope of community asset transfer with the CAT Officer. These informal discussions will help to prepare for the process of making a formal application for transfer.

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