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The reduce, reuse, recycle campaign

When talking about waste, the three ‘R’s are for ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’. Reducing is about cutting back on the amount of waste we make. Reusing is for finding a new way to use items so that we don't have to throw them out. Recycling is using waste materials to make new products that can be sold again.


Shopping savvy not only helps us reduce waste, but it helps to save money too. Making shopping lists, avoiding disposable items and buying long life or reusable products all helps.


You can often reuse products more than once. They can be reused in the same way, as with returnable glass milk bottles, or for different purposes such as old jam jars storing food. Repairing products, selling them on or donating them to charity/community groups reduces waste too. When possible, reuse is preferable to recycling because the item doesn’t need to be reprocessed before it can be used again.


If a product can’t be reused, recycling prevents it from being sent to landfill by turning it into new goods or products.

This can involve turning the old material into a new version of the same thing, or into something completely different. For example, used glass bottles can become new bottles, or something else like road materials used in construction projects.

Many items can be recycled through the weekly recycling collection service and our community recycling centres.

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