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Your recycling containers

There are currently delays in the delivery of waste and recycling receptacles due to supply issues. 

Please temporarily use an alternative bag which can be left open so that crews can see the contents. 

If you are waiting for new food waste bags, please wrap leftover food in newspaper instead. 

Manufacturers are working to address the backlog as as quickly as possible, and we hope to receive replacement equipment very soon.

Thank you for your understanding.

These are the containers to use in weekly recycling collections. Please leave your recycling and waste at your property’s edge by 7am on your collection day so that our crews can see it. Please don’t put it out any earlier than 7pm the night before.

Residents who live in flats with communal bins should find out their local collection arrangements.

Orange fabric sack for cardboard

Please include:

  • cardboard packaging
  • egg boxes
  • birthday cards
  • waxed drinks cartons also known as tetra packs

Please don’t include paper.

If you have any extra large pieces of cardboard, please place them next to your orange sack for collection.

White fabric sack for paper

Please include:
  • paper
  • newspaper
  • magazines
  • telephone directories
    catalogues, but please remove any cardboard covers
  • shredded paper in small amounts
  • junk mail including envelopes

Don’t include:

  • wallpaper
  • wrapping paper
  • tissues
  • paper towels
  • kitchen roll
  • card

Recycling just one glossy magazine saves enough energy to boil a kettle nine times.

Blue fabric sack for plastics and metals

Please include:

  • plastic bottles like milk, drink, and shampoo bottles
  • food containers like yoghurt pots and margarine tubs
  • plastic cups
  • non-black food trays
  • punnets
  • empty aerosols cans
  • foil trays and containers
  • food tins
  • drink cans

Don’t include:

  • black plastic
  • plastic bags including carrier bags, bread bags and frozen food bags
  • plastic film, cling film and wrappers like sweet and biscuit wrappers
  • LDPE 4 plastic
  • crisp packets/paper backed foil such as foil pouches
  • bubble wrap
  • CD/DVD and video cases
  • polystyrene
  • toys and other hard plastic
  • plant pots
  • spray paint
  • gas canisters

Plastic bottles don’t just get recycled into more plastic bottles.

Brown caddies for food waste

To recycle food waste, empty it into the small brown caddy which should be lined with a green compostable bag. When bags are full, tie them up and place them in the larger brown caddy ready for collection. This includes:

  • cooked and uncooked food
  • meat
  • fish
  • bones
  • peelings
  • tea bags
  • pet food

Don’t include:

  • garden waste
  • cut flowers

Don’t forget to recycle leftovers or uneaten food that may be lurking at the back of your fridge. Just remove any packaging first, and recycle that too if possible.

Extra green compostable bags are orderable through the ‘new or replacement recycling containers’ page.

Black caddy for glass

Please include:
  • glass bottles
  • glass jars
Don’t include:
  • ceramics and china
  • drinking glasses
  • glass panes
  • pyrex
  • light bulbs

Glass can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing quality.

Put clothes and paired shoes in a carrier bag next to the rest of your recycling. Please don’t include bedding, duvets or pillows.

Put batteries, old mobile phones and spectacles in a clear plastic bag like a sandwich bag next to the rest of your recycling.

Broken toasters, kettles, irons, hairdryers and other small electrical items can be recycled by placing them in a separate carrier bag at the kerbside. Anything with a screen like a laptop or TV is not suitable for this collection and should be taken to a community recycling centre instead.

Extra recycling containers

We can provide extra recycling containers as there is no limit on how much recycling you can put out. You should request extra containers if you regularly recycle more than you can fit in your current containers.

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