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Recycling and waste during severe weather

Snow and ice can be very dangerous for recycling vehicles, particularly on narrow and steep roads. Pavements and footways can also be affected by ice which makes them risky to use for refuse and recycling collectors.

Along with our waste partner Kier, we will always do our best to ensure that refuse and recycling are collected as normal in winter. However, some difficulties and delays are inevitable if weather conditions turn particularly harsh.

We will keep residents informed about any temporary changes to the refuse and recycling collection service via:

During periods of severe weather, the situation will be regularly reviewed. As much advance notice as possible will be provided about any changes to the service, so please look out for further updates.

To help the public dispose of waste, we will attempt to clear access roads leading to household recycling centres during periods of severe weather.

What to do when collections are cancelled

If collections have to be cancelled due to ice or snow, we will issue an announcement here, on Facebook and Twitter, and to the local media.

If your collection is cancelled, don’t put anything out at the kerbside as it won’t be picked up until it is time for your next collection.

Where refuse bag collections have been cancelled, you will not be penalised for putting out double the allowance on your next collection day. For example, you can put out four bags instead of two.

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