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How we plan ahead for severe weather

Every year, the Highways team prepares a winter maintenance plan which sets out how we will provide services during the colder months.

Gritting routes

The plan identifies which routes need to be prioritised in order to keep traffic moving freely across the county borough.

These are called the primary salting routes. The plan also identifies secondary salting routes, which cover other roads including a number of residential streets.

We will always ensure that the primary routes remain salted and clear so that traffic and public transport can move freely through the area.

Once this is done, we will cover secondary routes and some additional roads. This depends on how long the severe weather is forecast for and how long our salt stocks are required to last.

While it is usually several days before this can be completed, we take special account of areas where there are:

  • especially steep inclines
  • bus routes
  • centres for the emergency services
  • roads leading to some of the county borough’s more isolated communities
  • industrial sites
  • schools
  • approaches to care homes
  • household recycling centres
  • cemeteries
  • GP surgeries

We also deploy staff to help clear ice and snow and grit pavements and walkways in busy pedestrian areas like town centres.

We will respond to residents to help them continue to receive essential medical treatment such as kidney dialysis. You will need to reschedule any non-urgent appointments with your GP or consultant.

Gritting and snow clearance on the motorway

We do not carry out work on the M4 motorway. This is salted, cleared and maintained by the South Wales Trunk Road Agency on behalf of the Welsh Government.

Weather can be unpredictable, and despite our best efforts there may be an adverse effect on the local area.

For example, if the motorway has to close during heavy snowfall, the traffic may be diverted through the county borough and lead to long queues. This delays our own vehicles and workers from making their rounds.

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