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21 things to do in summer 21

Our young ambassador volunteers from across our schools have set a challenge for children, young people and families to try a range of new things and have fun together as part of the Summer of Fun.

  1. visit somewhere you think is interesting within your community

  2. watch the sunset/sunrise or stargaze

  3. take a meaningful photo to make a memory

  4. see if you can draw a picture of an animal or insect

  5. go on a long walk

  6. go for a picnic with family or friends

  7. write a letter to someone to make them feel good

  8. enjoy a movie or a game night

  9. read a new book, maybe even visit your local library and read/rent a book/ can also access library resources digitally

  10. write down something that has happened each day

  11. make a daisy chain

  12. try and make an a-2 scavenger hunt list 

  13. play a game

  14. learn something new

  15. dance in the rain

  16. have a water fight

  17. make a den

  18. try a new recipe

  19. do something to help someone else

  20. make bubbles

  21. practise origami

Among the activities promoted are making origami, watching a sunset and building a den.

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