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What is fostering?

Foster care transforms lives Sophie aged 10 video transcript

To find out more about fostering in Bridgend, visit your local Foster Wales website.

As the national network of Local Authority fostering services across Wales, we're by your side wherever you are. The team provides high quality placements for local children when their own family are unable to look after them. This can be for a variety of reasons, from:

  • the only parent is in hospital
  • issues such as neglect within their home
  • a death of the primary carer
  • breakdown in family relationships
  • parental health problems including alcohol or drug misuse
  • respite for families who care for a child with a disability

The care provided is not always long term, and more often than not can be a temporary arrangement, with the opportunity for children to return to their own families. On the occasion where children are unable to return home, long term foster care is needed.

Every child in care will have faced loss and separation from their birth family so they need help to feel secure, safe and cared for. Fostering provides children with a stable and loving home, giving them the support they need to strive and develop.

The foster care team are childcare experts which work alongside a network of professionals ensuring that the children are cared and provided for to the highest standard. It Is an opportunity to make a huge difference to a child’s life, it can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences you can have.

Am I glad we opted to foster? Definitely! It’s not always easy, especially if you foster children with more complex needs.

However, the rewards are far greater than I imagined - when you see a child develop and grow in confidence and change before your eyes – it is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you could hope to have.

Foster carer Kelly.

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