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Bev, Parent and child scheme video transcript

Parent and child scheme

Foster carer - Bev

Why did you to foster a parent and child?

I decided to go for parent and child because it was the minimum time. I didn’t know in the beginning how I was going to take to it and I would never put anyone out if it was for say 12 weeks and having spoken to the social worker they said the minimum would be 12 weeks, the maximum 18 weeks. I decided that if it was something that I wanted to do then, after that 18 weeks I would either give it up or go back to fostering children. It’s a challenge really for myself, because you look back and you remember your own children and you think this is what I used to do for my child. When the child is in the highchair, you look and they start making noises, and you think the next step is crawling, then the walking and brings back lots of memories, but it’s a wonderful experience.

What’s your role when fostering a parent and child?

My role in helping the parent is to make sure that she is looking after the child in an appropriate way. For example making sure he has four meals a day, making sure that the bottles are sterilised, making sure  that she’s changing on a regular basis, making sure she understands different types of cries, whether it’s a cry for food or sleeping or if there was something like a piercing noise if there was something wrong with him.

Why would you recommend fostering a parent and child?

For anyone who is thinking of doing a mother and child placement, it’s a wonderful achievement. You feel that you have achieved something, that you’ve helped someone, that’s what it’s about really, it’s helping somebody to set up a home of their own, with their family which is, to me personally, that’s a marvellous thing to be doing. I absolutely love it, and hope that I’ll be having many more in the future.

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