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Foster care transforms lives Sophie aged 10 video transcript

Foster care transforms lives

Sophie aged 10

Hi, my name is Sophie. I am 10 years old. When I was 8 I went to live with a foster carer. Before then I lived with my mummy and my little brother.

Our dad died when I was 6 and this made my mummy really sad. She didn't talk to us like she used to and started leaving us alone a lot. Sometimes when she came home she would look funny and act weird. She used to sleep a lot so I didn't go to school. 

People came to the house to see my mummy but a lot of the time she was out or sleeping and told me never to answer the door. I tried making myself some tea once and hurt my arm when the saucepan tipped over. We had to go to hospital and there was a lot of waiting. Mummy told me that I was going to be looked after by some people and wouldn't be coming back home with her. I was really scared and didn't know what was going to happen. 

I went to a house with a lady called Maggie. She told me that she was a foster carer and her job was to look after children when they're parents weren't able to. There was a girl staying there too who was older than me. She said she'd been there a while and was staying there till he had her own house. I was scared about this and whether I would live with my mummy again.

Maggie, my mum and my social worker told me that there were some things that they needed to do to try and help my mum be able to look after me again. Things at Maggie's were different from my house, Maggie said I needed a routine. She would wake me up in the morning, shower and brush teeth, breakfast then school. I did not like this at first. I didn’t see why I had to do these things, as I didn't with my mum. Sometimes I would get angry and sometimes sad. But Maggie would always talk to me and tell me why she asked me to do something.

Maggie's grandchildren would also come to visit and they went to school too. I used to really like seeing my mum. Maggie would take me to see her. Maggie showed my mummy how to look after me and my little brother and how to keep us safe. She also went to classes to learn how to be an even better parent.

Maggie doesn’t visit as much now, but I will always remember how much she helped me and my little brother.


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