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Cost-of-living support scheme

Update: 01 July 2022

If your household is eligible and does not pay Council tax by Direct Debit, you will receive a letter which will detail what you need to do to register for the payment.

The letters are being sent out in batches over the next few weeks, so please do not worry if you have not yet received yours.

Please read the letter and instructions carefully.

To claim this payment you will need to provide details of the bank account that you want the payment made to. The bank account needs to be in the name of the council taxpayer. The letter will also include a unique access code and account number which you will need in order to complete this form.

The Welsh Government has announced £152m to provide a £150 cost-of-living payment to eligible households and £25m to provide discretionary support for other purposes related to living costs.

The schemes are intended to provide support as Wales recovers from the pandemic and support households to deal with the impact of increasing energy and other costs. 


A household will qualify for this payment if :-

  • They were in receipt of support through the Council Tax Reduction Scheme on 15 February 2022, regardless of the valuation band in which their property is placed.


If a household is occupying a property in council tax Bands A to D and they were:

  • Liable for council tax on a property on 15 February 2022;
  • Not in receipt of an exemption
  • In occupation of a property on 15 February 2022 and at date of determining award;
  • Living in the property as their main or primary residence;
  • Responsible for paying the associated utility and other regularly incurred bills for the property. Local authorities administering the scheme will be able to make the reasonable assumption that household(s) liable to pay council tax are also responsible for paying the utility and other regularly incurred bills. 

Households living in properties which attract a disability adaptation band reduction are eligible for a payment in the following circumstances e.g. a property which has been valued as Band E but which receives a disability adaptation band reduction to Band D is eligible.


Each household is restricted to only one payment of £150

Residents in council tax Bands A-D who currently pay their council tax by direct debit will receive the payments automatically. Those who do not pay by direct debit will be contacted and advised to register for the payment – details of this will be released in due course.

Please note: Payments for this scheme will start to be issued during May 2022.

Please do not contact us regarding this as it could lead to a delay in the processing of your payment.

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