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Wildlife welfare prioritised for new light installation

The welfare of wildlife near Bridgend Tennis Club has been taken into consideration while new lights are installed on a popular walking route across the Ogmore River at Newbridge Fields.

The path, which includes a footbridge, frequently acts as a shortcut between Bridgend Life Centre and the town’s Tennis, Squash and Bowls Club, which sit on opposite sides of the river.

Lights either side of the footbridge were placed at a low-level optimum height to protect any roosting bats in the area and low-level lighting units that illuminate the path were strategically placed in order to avoid up-lighting spill that might disturb any spawning fish in the river.

Bridgend County Borough Council agreed to install the new LED streetlights on behalf of the club after they offered to fund the work in order to benefit members who choose to use the path and cross the bridge to access their facilities.

Dr Ed Wilkins, Chair of Bridgend Tennis, Squash and Bowls Club, said: “It has been a pleasure to work with Bridgend County Borough Council on this matter. I thank them for their advice and expert support in solving the Lighting and Safety issue and helping to ensure the safety of our Members and the public in this area, whilst also helping to ensure minimal disruption to the local wildlife”.

Working alongside the Tennis, Squash and Bowls Club we were able to to make the route brighter and more convenient for people who wish to visit the club and use its facilities while, at the same time, paying respect to the importance of the ecology and wildlife in the surrounding area

This is an excellent example of how we can work together in partnership, and I hope that the newly installed lighting will make the route much easier, safer and convenient for club members, dog walkers and people who are just out for a stroll around Newbridge Fields.

Councillor Stuart Baldwin, Cabinet Member for Communities
Street lighting between Newbridge Fields and Bridgend Tennis Club

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