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Show your bottle for reducing plastic pollution

Businesses and residents across Bridgend County Borough are being urged to show that they have the bottle to help reduce plastic pollution by supporting National Refill Day on Wednesday 19 June.

The campaign aims to make single-use plastic bottles a thing of the past by encouraging people to carry a reusable bottle instead.

Businesses can register to say that they are willing to welcome people to refill their bottles on their premises by going online at the Refill website, while anyone who needs a drink on the go can download the free Refill app to see where they can fill up their reusable bottle.

Bridgend County Borough Council is proud to support this campaign. The amount of plastic bottles that get littered and end up in rivers and oceans, impacting on wildlife around the world is absolutely astonishing.

Closer to home, when school children recently conducted litter picks on local beaches the most common littered material that they found here was plastic too. We know that many local people are concerned about the scourge of global plastic pollution and want to do something about it. National Refill Day is about getting everyone to say no to single-use plastics and instead take a refillable bottle with them.

I would encourage cafes, bars, restaurants and other local businesses to sign up so that passers-by know that they are welcome to fill up their bottles with free tap water. And don’t forget, if you can’t avoid drinking from a single-use plastic bottle, please put it in a bin or take it home to be recycled.

Deputy Leader Hywel Williams

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