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Oakwood Estate residents thanked for recycling efforts

Residents in the Oakwood Estate, Maesteg, are being thanked for the way they have embraced changes to how their recycling and waste gets collected.

Around 140 homes on the estate have recently moved to having their bags and containers picked up from outside their homes rather than at communal collections points.

Thanks to support from local householders, the change has resulted in less fly tipping, increased recycling, and a much cleaner environment for the local community.

Where possible, we’re gradually moving away from communal collection points where piles of bags mount up. Not only do these communal collection points look unattractive, but we have found that fly tippers often target them too by dumping their waste there.

We are thrilled that the residents of the Oakwood Estate have shown that they are extremely keen to be green. They want to do their bit for the environment and have joined our long list of communities that are recycling as much as possible and reducing their rubbish to keep within our two bin bag limit each fortnight.

Councillor Hywel Williams, Bridgend County Borough Council’s Deputy Leader

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