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New safeguarding hub launched to protect the people who are most vulnerable

L-R: Councillor Philip White, Stuart Parfitt, Chief Superintendent, South Wales Police, Alan Michael, Police and Crime Commissioner, Councillor Huw David, Leader BCBC, Amanda Lewis, Deputy LDU Head for National Probation Service, Maggie Berry, ABMU Leader and Marcus Longley, Chair of Cwm Taf Health Board.

The safeguarding and protection of the most vulnerable people in Bridgend County has been given a significant boost with the launch of the Bridgend Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH). The new integrated service became fully operational in July and is the third hub of its kind in South Wales.

Housed in an open plan office in, Ravens Court, Bridgend, over 80 professionals including police officers, social workers, child and adolescent mental health liaison worker, health visitor, and probation support  officers, from organisations such as South Wales Police, Bridgend County Borough Council, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University (ABMU) Health Board, National Probation Service and Wales Community Rehabilitation Company work side-by-side to gather intelligence and share information to enable a more accurate assessment of risk to individuals and inform the most appropriate coordinated response.

The Bridgend MASH aims to provide:

  • Timely information sharing
  • Joint decision making
  • Co-ordinated intervention

The opening of the Bridgend Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub is a very significant development. It is an important addition to the county borough’s existing safeguarding arrangements and provides a real opportunity to give vulnerable children, adults and their families the support they need when they most need it.

Having the ability to help people in Bridgend County Borough lead safer lives will always be a key priority for all partners that work together in the Bridgend MASH. The new facility builds on our long history of partnership working and the support of key partners such as police, health, probation and housing.

It will provide a quick and efficient response to handling safeguarding concerns, ensuring our most vulnerable people are cared for and protected.

Leader of Bridgend Council, Councillor Huw David, who opened the new facility

Staff within the MASH are the first point of contact for their front-line colleagues and members of the public. Safeguarding referrals are taken from any professional, family member or member of the public that has a safeguarding concern.

The opening of the Bridgend Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH)is an exciting and significant development in protecting vulnerable people across the Bridgend area. That’s a major priority on which we can only deliver if we work together because the issues and challenges posed by safeguarding go far beyond the work of any single organisation. This new integrated approach will allow the police team and other agencies to work together more efficiently and effectively to tackle safeguarding concerns and ensure that all vulnerable residents in Bridgend County have the best possible protection. It puts victims and potential victims at the heart of all we do.

The co-location of staff enables agencies to share information, improve assessment, effectively manage risks, and make more timely decisions to safeguard children, adults and domestic abuse victims.

Agencies both within and outside the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub, are now able to collate information from their respective sources and build a clearer picture of the circumstances of the case and the associated risks to the child, adult or high risk domestic abuse concern. As a result of better informed decisions, actions can be taken promptly and vital support is directed to the most urgent cases.

South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Alun Michael

Every day, the Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub is contacted on average 60 times by professionals concerned about the safety of vulnerable children and adults in the County Borough. Visit the Bridgend MASH website for more information.

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