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Illegal off-road motorbikes becoming a problem at Kenfig

Off-road motorcycles are becoming a problem at Kenfig National Nature Reserve.

Increasing numbers of bikes are being ridden illegally at the site, damaging the dunes that are home to several protected species.

Bridgend County Borough Council and South Wales Police are working together to tackle the anti-social behaviour and visitors to the nature reserve are being asked to help by reporting any sightings.

Reports can be made by calling 101 or emailing

The police have the power to seize vehicles that are used inappropriately, and the penalties for such an offence could include a fine or court appearance.

Off-road bikers are churning up a lot of sand at Kenfig which is causing a big environmental impact on the landscape. Their irresponsible behaviour, and lack of respect for others, is also putting dog walkers, horse riders and grazing livestock at risk.

It is illegal to ride any motorbike in public open spaces such as parks, play areas and on pavements. You can only ride an off-road motorbike legally if you are doing so on private land with the landowner’s permission. Off-road motorbikes are NOT allowed at the Kenfig National Nature Reserve. Anyone doing so is breaking the law.

We are working with our partners in the Safer Bridgend Partnership to crack down on this problem, and I would urge anyone who witnesses any dangerous, noisy, anti-social activity at the site to report it. If you are an off-road motorcyclist please go somewhere else. We have to look after this fascinating dune landscape.

Councillor Richard Young, the council’s Cabinet Member for Communities

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