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Don’t miss out on children’s school and nursery places

Bridgend County Borough Council’s cabinet member for education has urged parents and carers to ensure they submit applications in time to gain places for their children at schools and nurseries.

The school’s admissions policy 2021-22 was approved by Bridgend County Borough Council’s cabinet on Tuesday, March 10 as part of an annual process.

It covers aspects ranging from school catchment areas and arrangements with other local authorities to Welsh-medium education and school capacity.

It also includes the upcoming dates for admission rounds to school nurseries, infant, junior, primary and secondary schools, and closing dates to submit appeals.

There is no material change in the 2021-22 policy but it sets out things more clearly so any parent or carer thinking about getting a child admitted to school can see the order and the criteria for admission.

We have a couple of key messages for parents and carers – firstly, it is necessary to apply for places at schools, even if your child is in one school, don’t assume progression to the next school is automatic.

Secondly, it’s really crucial to get applications in by the deadline and thirdly, if parents are thinking of moving house, they need to contact our education services as soon as possible, and get advice on changing schools if that’s going to be part of the move.

The council’s cabinet member for education and regeneration Charles Smith

For this coming year, parents and carers have until March 27, 2020 to apply for children’s nursery places starting either full-time in the autumn or part-time in either January or April 2021.

They will then be notified of the outcome of full-time nursery applications on May 15 and part-time, in November.

In addition to completing traditional paper forms, residents can also apply online through the council’s My Account service.

The closing date for appeals being lodged over secondary school admissions for pupils transferring from junior and primary schools is March 20, 2020.

Parents and carers will be notified of acceptance, or refusal, of places for children transferring from infants to junior school, or into reception class at primary school, on April 16, with the closing date for appeals being May 8.

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