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Each year we review our Corporate Plan, which tells us what we want to do to improve lives for residents, how we are going to do it and how we will measure our success.

The annual report is a self-assessment of how we performed in the past year against the Corporate Plan and the Medium Term Financial Strategy. It has views from external auditors and inspectors, as well as feedback from residents.

2019 to 2020

2018 to 2019

2017 to 2018

2016 to 2017

2015 to 2016

A law called the Wellbeing of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 was introduced in 2016. It created goals for each authority to improve the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of their area. The Act will make the public bodies listed in the Act:

  • think more about the long term
  • work better with people and communities and each other
  • look to prevent problems
  • take a more joined-up approach

This new law will mean that public bodies listed in the Act must now work in a sustainable way.

The Act puts in place seven well-being goals to make sure we are all working towards the same vision. In order to achieve these, the Act places a legal requirement on the Welsh ministers to set national indicators as a way of measuring progress.

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales Self-Reflection Feedback tool for Bridgend County Borough Council (.PDF 1.34MB)

Further information about some elements of Bridgend County Borough Council’s performance can be seen on the following websites:

Public Accountability Measures (PAM) guidance

Other statistical data

StatsWales is a free-to-use service that allows you to view, manipulate, create and download tables of Welsh data. The system covers nearly 1,000 datasets, including key information on Wales’s: 

  • population
  • economy
  • government spending and performance
  • environment
  • education
  • transport
  • health

As well as monitoring our own performance, we are also reviewed every year by the Wales Audit Office.They produce an annual improvement report, which reports on how well we are delivering our services and how we have improved since the previous year.

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