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Bridgend Community Renewal Fund FAQs

UKG are responsible for the Community Renewal Fund and will make all funding decisions.  Each LA in Wales will be undertaking a local co-ordination role, inviting and then prioritising proposals from their area, before submitting to UKG.

Bridgend County Borough has not been designated within the top 100 priority places.

Project applicants can submit to more than one Lead Authority in response to local bidding processes if their project responds to requirements set out across more than one place.

UK government is inviting Lead Authorities to collaborate with other Lead Authorities or partners across the UK where relevant – for example to promote cross-border project opportunities that address needs in common or achieve efficient delivery scale. In these circumstances, Lead Authorities may choose to run a joint process and/or assess bids collaboratively.

Lead Authorities can follow their own processes and determine the most effective way to collaborate with other Lead Authorities where appropriate. Joint bids can be submitted and Lead Authorities should agree which of them will submit the bid to UK government.

The extent to which a project demonstrates innovation in service delivery will be assessed as part of the assessment of ‘strategic fit’. Achieving collaboration across more than one place is one way to demonstrate this.

UK Government will assess the predominant geographic focus of the project, based on the amount of spend in each place set out by Project Applicants on the application form. Projects with the majority of spend in priority places (51% or over) will be considered to be a priority project.

It is for each project to determine its own project timeframe and milestones within the funding period, remembering that all delivery and expenditure must be completed by 31st March 2022.  We would signpost potential applicants to the technical note for project applicants and deliverers. Please note we are awaiting further detailed guidance from UK Government on monitoring, evaluation and assurance.

Opportunity to engage:

Email to Bridgend Community Renewal Fund from Ieuan Sherwood, Group Manager Economy, Natural Resources and Sustainability at Bridgend County Borough Council

Officers within the Economy, Natural Resources and Sustainability Group of BCBC are currently exploring options for developing a suite of proposals in relation to the following themes of the Community Renewal Fund:

  • investment in skills
  • investment in local business
  • investment in communities and place
  • supporting people into employment

In an effort to work together with partners who are also exploring options in relation to the themes above please take this as notification that I would be pleased if you could pass my contact details to any organisation wishing to discuss their proposals with Bridgend County Borough Council to ensure collaboration and avoid duplication.

In particular, some examples of schemes being considered by colleagues are:

  • Community approaches to decarbonisation and carbon sequestration
  • Local employability
  • Support to local businesses through test trading and business support
  • Rural Development


Ieuan Sherwood

Group Manager: Economy, Natural Resources and Sustainability
Address: Bridgend County Borough Council,

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