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The results of EU regeneration funding

This page is currently under development.

Data from current regeneration projects

ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and ESF (European Social Fund) projects are ongoing. They may continue until December 2023, and so until then, the figures below will be continually updated.

ERDF and ESF programmes (2014 to 2020)

EU funds of £2bn are expected to support a total investment of over £3bn. Early data up to 31 December 2018 shows that there were:

  • 242 enterprises assisted
  • 62 enterprises created
  • 780 jobs created
  • 9,027 participants assisted
  • 778 participants supported into employment
  • 3,580 participants gaining qualifications
  • 382 participants in education or training

£10m of ESF has been secured to drive forward employability programmes, and support young people at risk of becoming NEET via:

  • Inspire 2 Achieve
  • Inspire 2 Work
  • Bridges into Work 2
  • Working Skills for Adults
  • Communities for Work
  • Nurture, Equip, Thrive

ERDF funding

We have already secured over £10.3m in grants to deliver:

  • Caerau Local Heat Scheme
  • Bridgend Enterprise Hub (supporting the strategic development of enterprise hubs at Bridgend Science Park and Village Farm Industrial Estate)
  • PRIF (Porthcawl Resort Investment Focus)

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