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Organising an event

Porthcawl promenade event

Bridgend County Borough Council maintains an Events Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) for public events, and have established partnerships with selected agencies which offer specialist advice. The ESAG considers the requirements of large scale public events with more than 500 expected attendees. Smaller events may also require the involvement of ESAG depending on the event. The Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) is not a decision making body, and the group cannot stop an event taking place. Its role is to give advice and guidance to organisers on safety related aspects of their planned event.

More information can be found in the terms of reference for the Bridgend ESAG.

The Bridgend ESAG have been closely monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19 alert levels and Welsh Government. As a group, we will support and encourage events to take place once they can be held safely, in line with Welsh Government guidance. However, we are unable to offer any assurances as to the exact timeframe for this. More information can be found regarding the latest position statement on events.

Event organisers are encouraged to engage early with the ESAG process and before incurring costs or promoting events. This is so discussion can be enabled and safety measures can be assessed. ESAG meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month. Event plans should be supplied at least 10 working days prior to a meeting if they are to be included on the agenda for discussion.

Steps for Event Organisers

  1. Submit completed event notification form to
  2. An E-mail from ESAG acknowledging receipt of form.
  3. Form passed to relevant BCBC landholding department (e.g. Property, Parks, Coastal Defence, Town Centre, Highways, Harbour).
  4. Once the relevant department (s) have granted permission, that department will advise what they require in terms of an Event Plan, Risk Assessments, Event Checklist.

If the event is not taking place on BCBC property, organisers will be signposted to the Event Plan, Risk Assessment templates and the Event Checklist.

  1. Once the event organiser provides the full event plan and supporting documentation, it will be made available to all ESAG members for consideration.
  2. Depending on the event’s nature, the organiser may attend an Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG) meeting or the event will be considered by ESAG remotely. The organiser will be notified by e-mail if required to attend a meeting or of any requests for further information.

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