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The Local Development Plan is a legal document which will set out the planning policies in the county borough up to 2021. It will be used to decide planning applications and to guide and promote development which is in the public interest. The policies in the plan identify land for different types of development – such as housing, employment, retailing, education and open space. The plan has the potential to have a direct effect on the lives of every resident of Bridgend County Borough, and has major implications for landowners and developers.


The council consulted on a strategy for the LDP in 2009, and the results of that consultation have helped to shape the draft LDP. The LDP Strategy set out our proposed vision, objectives and preferred approach for the LDP up to 2021. To achieve this, the council has agreed how much development should take place up to 2021 and where in the county borough this should generally take place.

Guided by the LDP Strategy, the council has produced the draft LDP. This document contains detailed policies on where and how development in the county borough will be promoted and controlled. The plan is based on four themes which each cover a range of topics. It also identifies land for different types of development including housing, employment and retailing. The majority of new development is located within four strategic regeneration growth areas. The plan also identifies protected land and areas of countryside.

Where can I see the Plan?

What are the next steps?

All comments will be presented to a meeting of Council. At this stage, no changes can be made to the plan, but Council can decide whether it is in favour of any proposed changes.

Any alternative sites that may be suggested at the consultation stage will be subject to further consultation to allow interested parties to make comments upon them.

The draft LDP, all accompanying information and all comments received during the consultation will be submitted to the Welsh Government and Planning Inspectorate Wales. They will then make arrangements for conducting an independent examination of the draft LDP in 2012.

Finding out more

If you require any further information or have any questions that you would like to ask, please contact the Development Planning team on 01656 643168 or by emailing .

For further information on LDP Preparation to date, click here.

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