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Terms and conditions


Standard terms and conditions of contract for weddings, conferences and banqueting.


Bryngarw House asks clients to be aware that business with the House is
conducted on the basis of our standard terms and conditions and will also apply to weddings/functions whose guests have not completed this document.


1. Confirmation
Bookings will be treated as provisional until the deposit and signed copy of terms and conditions are returned by the client, which should be within 28 days of the provisional booking. Having failing to do so, Bryngarw House reserves the right to cancel the function/conference without notification to the client.

It is the client’s responsibility to contact Bryngarw House to make an appointment to confirm the final details of the wedding/function (the “Final Appointment”). This Final Appointment must be carried out no less than six weeks before the date of the event.

The client must confirm to Bryngarw House the final numbers of guests attending not less than 14 days prior to the function / conference. The amount payable by the client will be calculated on the final number of guests given by this 14 day period prior to the event.

Final payment for the function must be paid no less than seven days before the event.

No monetary refund will be possible due to reduction in numbers, whatever the circumstance, if notification is given to Bryngarw House any less than seven days prior to the event.


2. Cancellations
In the event of a straight cancellation, the client would forfeit any deposits having been made whatever the circumstance. In certain circumstances and by the discretion of the management of Bryngarw House, a deposit may be deferred in order to secure an event on an alternative date.

Should you have to cancel your booking, an additional charge will be made to the client calculated as a percentage of the potential total booking value of the event being cancelled, according to the scale highlighted below:


Cancellation Period



From three – six months prior to the event



Between one – three months prior to the event



One month - 15 days prior to the event



14 – seven days prior to the event



Less than seven days prior to the event



This additional charge does not refer to any deposits having been paid. The client should confirm all cancellations in writing. Any costs incurred for a particular event, that otherwise would not have been incurred; will be charged in the event of cancellation unless Bryngarw House are able to mitigate their loss.


3. Minimum numbers
The House reserves the right to set minimum numbers in the way of guests attending a wedding/function or catering for selected menus during these events.


4. Deposits and payments
Bryngarw house may request a deposit before any function and if not paid within 28 days of request; Bryngarw House may treat the booking as cancelled without notification to the client.

In all circumstances full payment will be required seven days prior to the event. Failure to do so, Bryngarw House reserves the right to cancel the wedding, function or conference. Please note that once full payment has been received, we are unable to offer refunds or a reallocation of monies.

By paying a deposit for an event, the client agrees that once paid, the deposit is non refundable.


5. Credit
Credit is available only if agreed with Bryngarw House before any function / conference commences. Where credit is agreed, the Client should pay within 14 days following date of invoice.


6. Price reviews
Prices at Bryngarw House are subject to an annual review and clients (included clients who have confirmed bookings) will be subject to any change in prices as a result of a review. Prices are reviewed every 1 April.


7. Interest
Interest paid on overdue invoices shall accrue from the date when payment becomes due, from day to day until the date of payment, at a rate of 4% above Co-operative Bank PLC’s base rate from time to time in force and shall accrue at such a rate after, as well as before any judgment.


8. Damage
The client is responsible to Bryngarw House for any damage caused in public areas by the client or their guests, agents, employees etc and indemnity against Third Parties as a result of negligence.


9. Corkage
Strictly no wines or spirits may be brought into the allocated rooms by Clients or guests for consumption on the premises.


10. Entertainment
In the case of clients supplying their own entertainment involving electrical equipment of any sort, it is the clients responsibility to obtain the correct documentation proving the safety and suitability of bringing such equipment in to Bryngarw House in accordance with current health and safety standards.
Any entertainment must cease by 12 midnight. In exceptional circumstances, the management reserves the right to halt any entertainment before 12 midnight.


11. Hours of service



Bryngarw House is licensed to sell alcohol until 1am. No bar drinks will be served after 1.00am (residents included).



The kitchen at Bryngarw House closes at 11pm. No restaurant meals or snacks will be served after 11pm.


12. Miscellaneous
The use of confetti or any other form of compact ‘streamer’ in the house itself is not permitted. Use of confetti of the bio-degradable variety only, is permitted on the terrace.

The use of ‘chocolate fountains’ are only permitted if supervised by an employee/responsible individual, who may have supplied the equipment and deemed suitable by the management of Bryngarw House. The client must ensure that the equipment is removed from the function room at the end of the event. The client is liable for any damage caused to furniture, fixture or fitting as a result of having a chocolate fountain.

‘Fairy lights’ are not permitted in the marquee due to health and safety regulations.

Clients intending to hold fireworks displays within the grounds of Bryngarw Country Park are obliged to inform us no less than 14 days before the event. Failure to do so may result in the display not being permitted to go ahead.

Wedding table plans and cloth napkin inserts must be supplied no less than three days before the event.

Bryngarw House operates a strict no-smoking policy throughout the whole of the building including all bedrooms.


13. Bryngarw Country Park
This is a public facility. Bryngarw House cannot be held responsible for events that take place in the country park.


I have read and accept the above terms and conditions of this contract in respect of:-

Wedding/ Function/ Conference*

Date of event



Company name if applicable

Date of signature


* Please delete as applicable

Bryngarw House and Country Park is part of the 'One Historic Garden' project linking heritage, gardens and opportunities across South Wales, and part-funded by the EU's Convergence European Regional Development Fund through Visit Wales and the Welsh Government.
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