EcoDysgu - EcoLearn

Contact name:

Julie Lyddon or Maggie Morgan


Tondu House Farm, Tondu, Bridgend, CF32 9HE


01656 728137




Age work with:

5 upwards

About the organisation:

EcoDysgu offers a holistic approach to ourselves, others and the environment. They deliver the ‘Learning to Heal – Healing to Learn’ model of education.

Groups of children, young people and adults visit for a day of tutoring in a new skill or craft in a natural environment supported by healing practices.

The results of their work have been called profound by Police Officers, Head Teachers, Youth Workers and Parents.

Service(s) available:

Resources – build heritage conservation, community projects and energy.

Lessons - community projects, sustainability awareness.

Teacher training – community projects.

Venue for school visits – access/walking/cycling, art/craft, built heritage conservations, community projects, renewable energy, gardening/ allotments, global citizenship, healthy living/eating/food, nature conservation/biodiversity, sustainability awareness, waste.

Phone/Written/Email advice – community projects, renewable energy, and waste.

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