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How the new system will work

In line with the Welsh Government’s plans, the new waste and recycling system for Bridgend County Borough is designed to significantly increase recycling and reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up being incinerated or disposed of as landfill.

It will begin from 5 June 2017. All households will receive fresh equipment and a full guide on how to use the new system before it is launched, and there will be a full range of publicity that will include roadshows, advertising, face-to-face support and more.

While there is no limit on the amount of waste that can be put out for recycling, householders will only be able to put out two 75-litre non-recyclable waste bags every fortnight – so the more you recycle, the more room there will be in the bags.


How often will recycling be collected?

Recycling will be collected every week, and we’ll tell you well in advance if your current recycling day needs to change.

What will the new recycling equipment include?

The new recycling system will use the following:

  • An orange 90-litre sack for cardboard.
  • A blue 90-litre sack for plastics and metal.
  • A white 45-litre sack for paper.
  • A 35-litre container for glass.
  • A 25-litre lockable food waste container and 5-litre kitchen caddy.

All homes will receive a new blue sack to replace their old worn one, while householders should retain their lockable food waste container and kitchen caddy as these can continue to be used as part of the new scheme. The other items will be provided to all households along with a recycling guide before the scheme starts on 5 June.

All containers will be clearly marked with instructions on what items should be placed inside.

As part of the new scheme, householders will also be able to recycle the following items at the kerbside by placing them in a small carrier bag of their own:

  • Textiles and paired shoes.
  • Batteries, spectacles and mobile phones.
  • Small electrical items (no bigger than a carrier bag, and no monitors / screens).

Will there be a separate collection of nappies and other absorbent waste?

Yes – eligible householders will be able to sign up to receive bags that can be placed out for collection alongside landfill bags. Please note that feminine hygiene products should continue to be disposed of within landfill bags. You can register to receive the free absorbent waste service here.

Will there continue to be a separate garden waste collection?

Yes – this will be available for a small annual fee.

Will householders be able to request additional recycling equipment, e.g. an extra orange sack for cardboard?

Yes – there is no limit on how much recycling you can put out, and we can provide additional recycling equipment such as an extra sack or glass waste container. Only official recycling containers will be accepted for collection.

Once the new scheme begins, you will be able to order additional recycling equipment.

Non-recyclable and landfill waste

What happens to waste that cannot be recycled?

Non-recyclable waste will be disposed of as landfill. Householders will be provided with a free year’s supply of branded, coloured non-recyclable waste bags - we will tell you well in advance if your collection day needs to change under the new scheme.

How many non-recyclable waste bags will householders be allowed to put out?

Householders should put out a maximum of two non-recyclable waste bags every fortnight. Only branded bags will be collected, so you will need to make sure that you recycle as much as possible in order for the non-recyclable waste bags to cover a full year.

Any additional bags that are put out for collection will be marked with a sticker requiring householders to take them back in.

What if someone adds a bag to a neighbour’s pile?

Education and enforcement officers will investigate any abuse of the scheme and take appropriate action – however, it should be noted that the council wants to work with householders first and foremost, and help them become used to using the new system as quickly as possible. Enforcement action will always be a last resort.

Our officers will be speaking to local residents directly and visiting local communities to clarify how they can use the new system.

In cases where the scheme is being deliberately abused, the officers will be able to carry out a range of enforcement issue including investigating flytipping and issuing fixed penalty notices for littering, dog fouling and more.

Even if e.g. someone takes branded non-recyclable waste bags belonging to a neighbour, they will not gain anything as the two-bags-per-household limit will still apply.

Will the bags be big enough?

The non-recyclable waste bags will have a 75-litre capacity and be made from 75 per cent recycled material. Research undertaken by WRAP Cymru has revealed that up to half of the current average household refuse bag is composed of items that could have been commonly recycle – mostly food waste.

Similar systems are already in place and working in other areas – e.g. Monmouthshire has had a successful two-bag limit in place for a number of years – and householders will be able to avoid problems with non-recyclable waste bags by ensuring that all recyclable materials are placed in the appropriate sack or container.  

Will there be new collection vehicles?

New trucks are being manufactured, but until they are ready existing trucks will continue to be used. The new vehicles will be introduced later in the year and will be specially built to accommodate the new recycling sacks and containers.

New refuse trucks will also be introduced to collect non-recyclable waste bags.

What about flats and communal bin collection areas?

These will have separate arrangements in place and a communal collection point - full details will be announced before the new system begins.

What happens to the current kerbside recycling equipment?

The blue bag, food container and kitchen caddy will continue to be used as part of the new scheme.

The two black boxes are not required, so if you are planning a visit to a Community Recycling Centre, why not use them to carry pre-sorted recyclable materials in?

Last Updated: 10/04/2017
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