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Guidance on the Solvent Emissions Regulations 2004

Dry Cleaning


The Solvent Emissions (England & Wales) Regulations 2004 (the "SED Regulations) introduced limits on solvent usage and emissions from activities not previously regulated under the PPC Regulations, e.g. dry cleaning.

This means that dry cleaning activities/installations are now prescribed for LAPPC control under Section 7 of Schedule 1 of the PPC Regulations 2000, as amended.

Therefore if you are an operator of a dry cleaning installation/activity you will require a permit to operate/continue to operate. In this case you should refer back to the main page for guidance on making an application.

Before you make an application to Bridgend County Borough Council you should obtain a copy of the relevant guidance note for dry cleaning activities. The guidance note PG6/46/(04) is available from the DEFRA website.

Timescale for implementation

All new dry cleaning installations require a permit before operations commence.

Existing dry cleaning installations, i.e. those in operation before 1 April 2001, must apply for a permit by 31 October 2006.

The date for compliance with the requirements of the SED Regulations/PPC Regulations is 31 October 2007.

Brief details of requirements

The requirements of the PPC Regulations apply to any dry cleaning installation/activity using organic solvents, in particular; perchloroethylene (PER), hydrocarbon solvent (HCS) and siloxane.

In the context of the PPC Regulations, "process" or "activity" comprises the whole process from the receipt of raw materials via processing dispatch of finished products, including the treating, handling and storage of all materials and wastes relating to the products.

Controls will apply to all volatile organic compound (VOC) releases to all media from dry cleaning activities using organic solvents, except for the manual removal of stains and spots in the textile and clothing manufacturing industries.

Briefly, the SED requires that dry cleaning installations are operated in such a manner that no more than 20 grams of solvent per kilogram of product cleaned and dried shall be emitted as measured on an annual basis. The 20 grams included all organic solvents used within the installation e.g. dry cleaning solvent, water-proofing solutions and spot cleaning solutions. The regulator will be required to check compliance with this directive requirement using the return submitted by the operator to demonstrate compliance.

For further information or help in relation to the SED Regulations and specifically dry cleaning contact Public Protection

Last Updated: 28/04/2016
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