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Pest Control - Wasps

What do they look like?

All wasps are very similar with black and yellow bands on their bodies and two pairs of wings. Wasps have a narrow waist in the middle of their body. Only female wasps can sting, the sting is located at the tip of the abdomen.

Where do they live?

There are two main species of wasps in the UK, the Common Wasp and the German Wasp. Both species can nest underground and in cavities in trees, walls and roof spaces. New nests are started in Spring and are made with a papery material (a mix of wood and wasp saliva). Nests usually reach their largest size in September. The nests are never re-colonized.

What do they eat?

Wasps mainly eat insects and can aid the gardener in destroying many insect garden pests.

Pest Status

  • Wasps are mainly regarded as a pest due to their sting

  • They rarely sting unless they are threatened

  • Unlike bees, wasps can sting many times and although it is not usually serious, it can be painful

  • In some cases, a wasp sting may cause a severe reaction


There are 4 alternatives if you have a wasp’s nest.

  • Leave it alone, wasps destroy many insect pests in gardens. All wasps die in late autumn and the nest is never re-colonized.

  • The Public Protection Department can arrange for the nest to be treated. However, there is a charge for this which must be paid prior to treatment.

  • A Professional Pest Control Company can treat the nest. They will usually charge for this service. Local companies can be found in the Yellow Pages or Telephone Directories. The company should be a member of the British Pest Control Association.

  • You could treat the nest yourself AT YOUR OWN RISK! If the nest is “hanging” in a hedge or in a garage and is clearly visible DO NOT use a Puffer Pack. Cans of wasp nest destroyer aerosols should be used for visible nests.

These products are available at most garden centres and hardware stores.

  • Always read the label before applying insecticide

  • Apply in accordance with manufacturer instructions

  • Use at your own risk

For further advice or to report an infestation please contact us on (01656) 643643 or


Last Updated: 21/02/2017
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