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Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP) Consultation Deposit Documentation

Deposit Local Development Plan (LDP):-
Written Statement
Proposals Map - Index and Key
Proposals Map 1-13
Proposals Map 14-26
Proposals Map 27-37

LDP Statutory Notice

Sustainability Appraisal (SA/SEA)

This Sustainability Appraisal Report combines a sustainability appraisal (SA) and strategic environmental assessment (SEA) of the Deposit Plan. The SA/SEA was prepared on behalf of the Council by consultants Baker Associates. The sustainability appraisal process is to asses whether the implementation of the LDP will deliver sustainable development in the County Borough.

Site Allocation Sustainability Appraisal (SA/SEA)

The Council has undertaken a sustainability appraisal of all allocated sites within the LDP. This not only ensures that the sites themselves are sustainable and any potential conflicts, further studies or potential mitigation measures are noted; it also ensures that there is a consistent framework for the assessment of Alternative Sites submitted as part of the consultation process of the deposit Plan.

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA)

Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) is required under the European Directive (92/43/EEC) on the ‘conservation of natural habitats and wild fauna and flora’. The Directive seeks to protect the most valuable habitats and species in Europe. Any plan or project that has the possibility of impacting on a European Protected Site, (in this case Special Areas of Conservation (SACs), must be assessed to ascertain the likelihood and significance of its effects upon the integrity of the site.

SA/SEA/HRA Changes Log

The SA / HRA processes are iterative; early versions of the LDP were subjected to these processes to ensure that changes could be made to the document before it was published. Details of these changes can be found in the SA / HRA Change Log report.

Initial Consultation Report

The Initial Consultation Report has been updated and supplemented to demonstrate how the comments received at the Pre-Deposit Stage have informed the content of the deposit Plan, in accordance with LDP Regulation 16(3).

Guidance on SA of Alternative Sites

Provides information, advice and templates concerning the submission of a Sustainability Appraisal when making an alternative site representation to the deposit LDP.

Candidate Sites Assessment Report

This report highlights how the Candidate Sites submitted in 2006/2007 have been assessed for potential inclusion in the Plan. This is accompanied by a summary of the assessment for every qualifying site, how it performs against the methodology and a conclusion as to whether it should be allocated in the Plan.

Self Assessment of Soundness

The LDP process needs to satisfy the tests of soundness identified in Local Development Plans Wales (Welsh Assembly Government, December 2005). This report sets out the ten tests of soundness and the Council’s assessment of its progress to date in meeting them.

Equalities Impact Assessment

An assessment of how the policies and proposals in the plan will impact upon different equality groups in the County Borough.

Supporting Documents Relevant to LDP Preparation

Background Paper 1 – The National, Regional and Local Context
This paper summarises the national, regional and local issues, policies, plans and strategies; highlighting their implications for Bridgend County Borough and specifically, the LDP.

Background Paper 2 – Population and Housing
This paper sets out justification for the level of population and housing growth proposed in the Plan and explains why they differ from WAG projections for the County Borough.

Background Paper 3 – Settlement Boundary Designation
This paper sets out the principles and methodology by which settlement boundaries have been reviewed and allocated in the LDP.

Background Paper 4 – Green Wedge Designation
This paper sets out the principles and methodology by which Green Wedges have been reviewed and allocated in the LDP.

Background Paper 5 – Minerals
This paper sets out background information to the minerals section of the Plan.

Background Paper 6 – Waste
This paper sets out background information to the waste section of the Plan.

Background Paper 7 – Retail Review

This paper sets out the principles and methodology by which retail centre boundaries and primary shopping frontages have been reviewed and allocated in the LDP.

Background Paper 8 – Affordable Housing

This paper sets out the evidence base and other background information to the affordable housing policy contained in the Plan.

Supporting Studies / Documentation

Settlement Role and Function Study

Designation of Special Landscape Areas

Employment Land Availability Survey 2009

Examining Alternative Demographic and Labour Market Projections (CE Report)

Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment - 2010

Local Housing Market Assessment - 2009

Joint Housing Land Availability Study 2009

Retailing and Commercial Centres in Bridgend County Borough 2009

Employment Land Review 2010

Retail Needs Planning Study – 2007 to 2021

Retail Needs Planning Study Update – 2010

Bridgend County Borough Council Affordable Housing Viability Study 2010

Outdoor Sports Audit - 2010

Children’s Play Space Audit - 2010

Allotment Audit – 2010

Renewable Energy Assessment – 2011

TAN 8 SSA Refinement Study – 2006

Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment

Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment - Volume 1 - User Guide

Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment - Volume 2: -

Technical Report
Maps A - SW
Maps - Maesteg
Maps - Pencoed and Waterton
Maps - Porthcawl

Other background information can be found in the online Development Planning library.


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