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Defective / missing street signs

The Council is responsible for the replacement and repair of street name signs. Defects should be reported to (Tel: 01656 642541) who will co-ordinate the replacement.

Post codes

Royal Mail is responsible for the allocation of post codes.

There is now a greater reliance on post codes for the attainment of deliveries and services. Therefore, residents are finding anomalies in the way their properties are registered or addressed. Where these problems are historical and require clarification, the council will communicate with Royal Mail in an effort to resolve any problems.

Where any confusion is caused by the lack of registration of a new development or conversion of a building into multiple units, then the procedures outlined in New Developments will apply in retrospect.

For new developments, the Council issues a numbering schedule which allows Royal Mail to attach the appropriate post codes to the properties.


Street naming and numbering legislation

The Council, under the Public Health Act 1925 and B.S.7666, has a statutory duty to control the naming of streets and numbering of all properties within the borough. The address data is held in the council’s Local Land and Property Gazetteer and the National Land and Property Gazetteer, which are both continually maintained and updated in accordance with British Standards. The purpose of this control is to ensure that properties are named and numbered logically to enable: -

  • speedy location of addresses for emergency service vehicles
  • the correct delivery of mail
  • consistent address management to assist statutory bodies.

New developments

For any new build or conversion of individual buildings into multiple occupancy units, a developer must submit a formal application to the Council’s Street Naming and Numbering Officer. A charge is made for this service

Where a new street or building name is required, the developer may suggest suitable names that will be considered during the consultation process. However, any new name must relate to the historical, geographical or natural feature of the site and adoption of Welsh street names will be promoted by the Council, whenever possible.

The council is obliged to consult with the relevant Town or Community Councils, Royal Mail and members of Bridgend County Borough Council. This process can take several weeks and it is the responsibility of Developer to allow sufficient time for the formal consultation process to be completed.

Once a street name is agreed, a numbering schedule will not normally be prepared until at least 50% of properties are under construction. This avoids the need for re-numbering due to variations in the construction phases. The schedule will be circulated to homeowners, statutory bodies and the developer. Where properties are not yet occupied, the letters will be issued to the developer for distribution with the purchase documents. It is the Developer’s responsibility to ensure that all buildings are clearly marked with the correct postal number

The Royal Mail will be issued with a numbering schedule of the properties, to which they will allocate an official post code.

It is the developer’s responsibility to fit the initial street name sign.

Street signs

Street signs should be manufactured out of 3.25 mm thick aluminium grey painted/mill finish, sign face printed on scotchcal reflective vinyl, font text – Kindersley 88 mm high caps with 15 mm borders and corners. Where the cul-de-sac symbol is used (depending on location), the symbol must always be furthermost into the cul-de-sac, with the name to read first. The dimension of signs must comply with recognised national standards.

Re-naming properties

To gain any legal recognition of a change of name/numbering, a formal application must be submitted for the change to be considered. The National Land and Property Gazetteer’s best practice guidelines recommend:-

  • If a request is received to add a property name to an existing address this may be actioned subject to it causing no conflict with addresses in the same street/location. However the retention of premise numbers shall be enforced.
  • If a request is received to replace a numbered premise with that of a name only this shall be declined.
  • If a request involves the change to an existing street name, the developer must be informed of the formal process that must be adhered to before the change can be ratified. Under statute, the consent to a change must be agreed by at least two thirds of the tax payers in the street and any application for change must provide this evidence. (changes to street names will affect all legal documentation and personal address details)

Once changes are approved, the gazetteer will be updated and circulated to all statutory bodies. A charge is effective for this service

Street naming, numbering and post code charges from 1 April 2016



Change of house name/Provision of new house name


Confirmation of postal address (solicitors and conveyances only)


Naming and numbering developments – up top 5 plots


Naming and numbering developments – more than 5 plots


No action will be taken until full payment is received.

(Any developer who revises the housing layout after a numbering schedule is produced would incur a further charge for an amended schedule, as detailed above.)


Any queries in relation to Post Code queries or Street Naming and numbering should be addressed to:-

Tel: 01656 643622


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