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Flooding (drainage and gullies)

A major part of the road network is the drainage system, designed to take water away from the road surface. Problems can occur even when it is clean and well maintained.

Flooded or waterlogged roads result when the amount of water on the road is greater than the capacity of the drainage facilities to take it away.


Exceptional rainfall, a road being in a low lying area or changes in 'run off' from adjacent land are some of the situations that can lead to the road flooding even though the drainage system is in good working order.
In general drainage systems should work without any routine maintenance, although we do normally empty gullies once a year to remove silt.
Drainage gullies and drains can become blocked very quickly when materials like mud or stones are carried onto the road during heavy rain or flooding. The same situation can apply when there is a heavy fall of leaves.
For flooding on, or from public roads, or to report blocked gullies or gratings please contact:

Bridgend County Borough Council Highways Department

For all highway emergencies including flooding, damage, traffic incidents Call 01656 642541

We can also be contact by e-mail:

Land drainage We are responsible for maintaining and repairing drainage and culverts on land we own.
We may take action against land owners where problems are caused on the road because of damaged drainage on their land.
If you notice flooding or can see that flooding is imminent on a road please Call the above number
We may also serve notice on riparian landowners to remove blockages to watercourses on their land. A riparian owner is someone who owns land which a watercourse or river passes through. This is defined in the Land Drainage Act 1991 –

We would not usually get involved in cases where flooding is caused on private property due to run-off from another private property. This is a civil matter between the two landowners.

Additional contact details: Who to report other types of flooding to:

  • Flooding from public sewers The water company own and manage the network of public foul and surface water sewers.  To report an overflowing public sewer in Bridgend, you should  call Dwr Cymru - Welsh Water on 08000853968
  • Flooding from private sewers or drains If your private drains or sewers are overflowing, you will need a drainage contractor to deal with any blockage. 
    See the Yellow Pages under 'Drain and Pipe Cleaning'.  If you are uncertain if any blockage is in the public or private sewers, the water company should be able to determine this once they are on-site, they will however recharge you the cost of any work if it is a private sewer.
  • Flooding from a burst water main Your local water company is responsible for the supply of water mains up to and including the water stopcock.  In the event of a burst water main, please contact Dwr Cymru - Welsh Water on 08000520130
  • Flooding from a water service pipe or internal pipework This is the responsibility of the homeowner or landlord and would need the attention of a plumber - see the Yellow Pages or similar directories.
  • Flooding from a main river is the responsibility of Natural Resources Wales, call 03000 65 3000. For advice and information on flooding and flood warning, call 'Floodline' (24-hour) on 0345 988 1188.
  • Flooding from watercourses, other than main rivers Watercourses, other than main rivers, are the responsibility of riparian owners. You are a riparian owner if your property or land is on, or very near, a watercourse.
    Riparian owners have a duty to keep the watercourse clear of any obstruction to flow and the council can serve legal notices on riparian owners to deal with obstructions. 

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