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Non-Dependant Deductions and DHPs – Information Sheet

What is a Non-Dependant

A non-dependant is an adult who lives in the household on an informal basis. This will usually be an adult son, daughter, relative or friend.

How does having a non-dependant affect an application for a DHP?

To determine if a household is eligible for a DHP, the household expenses are deducted from the household income to identify if there is enough money left to meet rent charges. 

Any non-dependant living in the home will usually be expected to contribute to the household costs so the council will include in the applicants’ income either the amount received from the non-dependant, or an amount  that it would be ‘reasonable’ for the non-dependant to contribute.  

When household expenses are calculated, any additional costs that are due to the non-dependant living in the household will be included. The council will expect the costs of the household to be higher because of the additional person living there.

How much is the non-dependant expected to contribute?

In most cases it is reasonable for the non-dependant to make a fair contribution to the household. On the application form for a DHP, the council will ask how much the non-dependant pays and, if this is a reasonable amount, this is the amount that will be added to the applicant’s income.

If the council is of the opinion that the contribution is unreasonably low, it will use an amount that it thinks is more reasonable and add this amount to the applicant’s income.  The amount taken into account in these circumstances depends on the earnings or benefits of the non-dependant – this is why details of the non-dependant’s income are requested on the DHP application form. The amounts used in the assessment are the same as the non-dependant deduction used in the assessment for Housing Benefit purposes.   If the council takes this approach it will let the applicant know so that they can ask their non-dependant to contribute this amount.

There are a few exceptional circumstances where the council would not expect the non-dependant to contribute. For example, if the applicant receives certain disability allowances or if the non-dependant has no income.

Last Updated: 22/07/2015
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