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Information for Landlords

Local councils pay Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance to people on low incomes to help them with their rent. Private landlords are expected to keep proper records of rent that is due and payments made by tenants. As a landlord, you must provide your tenant(s) with confirmation of rent so they can claim Benefit (if they need to).

To help prevent fraud and to ensure people receive the correct amounts they are entitled to all documents provided must be original and not photocopies.

One or more of the following documents are acceptable:

  • Current Tenancy Agreement.
  • Letter from landlord or letting agent.
  • Rent book.

The evidence must include:

  • Full name and address of the landlord.
  • Full name and business address of the agent (if appropriate).
  • The date the agreement started.
  • The amount payable and what the charge includes (e.g. heating).

Housing Benefit can be paid to the tenant, the landlord (on behalf of the tenant) or to an agent who acts for the landlord. The tenant has to agree to any payments being made to their landlord or an agent acting on the landlord’s behalf. Under Local Housing Allowance rules however, payments must be made to the tenant unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Housing Benefits paid to landlords or letting agents are paid four weeks in arrears. If you have more than one tenant, you will receive one payment with a schedule showing the dates and amount of Housing Benefit paid to each tenant.

There could be delays in payment being sent out if:

  • The Housing Benefits section has not received a claim.
  • The tenant has not filled in the form properly.
  • Original documents have not been provided.
  • Further enquiries need to be made.

If your tenant’s circumstances change, the amount of Housing Benefit they are entitled to may alter (for example, if their income rises). This may result in an overpayment of Housing Benefit being made. As a landlord, you will be required to repay any overpayments that are made to you after a tenant has left your property.

Overpaid benefit can be recovered in the following ways:

  • We can send an invoice to you or your tenant.
  • We can recover it from future benefit payments we are making.
  • If the tenant moves to another address owned by the same landlord and an overpayment has been made at the old address, this may be recovered from benefit due at the new address.

Landlords must inform the Housing Benefits Department in writing of any changes in their tenant’s circumstances, as soon as they are aware of them. For example:

  • If the tenant has moved to another address.
  • The level of rent has changed.
  • The tenant and his or her partner’s income has changed.
  • The number of children/adults living with the tenant has changed.
  • The tenant has left the property for a temporary period.
  • The tenant leaves the property permanently.

Landlords who constantly fail to report changes may be classed as not ‘fit and proper’ to receive direct payments.

We cannot provide landlords with information about tenants’ Housing Benefits claims if we pay the benefit to the tenant or the landlord’s agent. However, we can provide landlords with the following information if Housing Benefit is paid directly to them:

  • The date benefit started.
  • The weekly amount of benefit and how often it is paid.
  • The amount we are taking directly from benefit to recover an overpayment.
  • Details of any payments paid direct to you.

For information regarding your tenant's claim, call: 01656 643396

Last Updated: 31/03/2015
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