• Help to form Council policies and decisions – ensuring that they reflect the needs of constituents and community groups.

  • Monitor executive and council decisions - adding community focused legitimacy to the decision making process.

  • Monitor and challenge the quality of service delivery – ensuring that high quality services are provided to citizens.

  • Question members, staff, outside organisations and the public on a range of issues relating to public services.

  • Engage with the public to develop citizen centered policies and services.

  • Undertake in-depth reviews of policies and services and recommend improvements.

Why scrutinise?

There are a number of reasons why we undertake Overview and Scrutiny in the Council.  These include:

  • Enable better decision making

  • Improve service delivery

  • Ensure robust policy development

  • Enhance democracy

  • Ensure transparency and accountability

  • Encourage a culture of evidence based self-challenge